England Unit: British Pound Sterling Currency Study

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As part of our England unit, we studied the Pound Sterling, often referred to as the Pound. The Pound Sterling is the official currency of the United Kingdom, Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, the British Antarctic Territory, and Tristan da Cunha. It is subdivided into 100 pence. … Continue reading England Unit: British Pound Sterling Currency Study

England Unit: Tea Dying Activity

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Tea is very important to the English culture and for centuries they have been one of the world's greatest tea consumers. While it is usually served with milk, it is not uncommon to drink it black or with lemon, with sugar being a popular addition to any of the above. Strong tea, served in a … Continue reading England Unit: Tea Dying Activity

Japan Unit: Learning About Japanese Yen

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I have always been fascinated by world currencies and love studying different kinds of money as part of our world country studies. My oldest is only three, so is not able to fully understand the concept of money, but she likes to compare, contrast, line them up by size/shapes/color. I also find that comparing coins … Continue reading Japan Unit: Learning About Japanese Yen

Japan Unit Study: Japanese Geography

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Our study of Japan would not be complete without a study of the geography of the country. I love using foam paper to make cut-outs of the different countries. My three year old loves comparing the different shapes of the countries during our units and I find the visual helpful as we learn. You can … Continue reading Japan Unit Study: Japanese Geography

#TravelingThroughLearning – IRELAND Unit!

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March we started studying Ireland (because St. Patrick's Day, lol) and are really enjoying it! The first week of the month we were on vacation in the Caribbean as a family (yeah I know, rough), so we had a somewhat late start to our activities. I visited this beautiful country when I was five months … Continue reading #TravelingThroughLearning – IRELAND Unit!

JAPAN Unit Study: Fauna – Montessori 3-Part Matching Cards

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We had such a great time studying some of the indigenous animals of Japan. It was pretty hard to find the appropriate corresponding animal miniatures, but I did my best. I also created corresponding Montessori inspired 3-part printables for these animals as part of our Japan Unit Study. FREE Download Here! Japanese Macaque (Macaca fuscata) … Continue reading JAPAN Unit Study: Fauna – Montessori 3-Part Matching Cards

#TravelingThroughLearning – JAPAN Unit!

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We started studying Japan for the month of February and absolutely LOVING this beautiful country! I have always wanted to visit Japan, but for now I'll settle for traveling there through our themed activities! 🙂 Japan is an island country in East Asia. It is located in the Pacific Ocean, and lies off the eastern … Continue reading #TravelingThroughLearning – JAPAN Unit!

Australian Animal Track Salt Tracing: Fine Motor Activity

Australia Australian Day Unit Animal Tracks Fine Motor Tracing Salt Free Printables Tasmanian Devil Koala Kangaroo Crocodile Montessori Waldorf Preschool Printables FREE Download Resources Teachers Parents Culture Geography Learning Hands on

If you've been following my blog, I did an activity last month of tracing Hebrew numbers in salt as part of my Israel Unit. My 3 year old had so much fun doing it, I decided to do an activity with salt tracing again. Australia has so many fun unique animals, and I thought tracing … Continue reading Australian Animal Track Salt Tracing: Fine Motor Activity

Australia Unit: Aboriginal Rain Sticks from Paper Towel Tubes

In my basement I probably have a hundred paper towel, toilet paper and gift wrap tubes. Why? Because they are an awesome craft foundation. You can make so many things from them. I'll admit, I probably have too many, but that just means I need to make more things, right? As we continue our study … Continue reading Australia Unit: Aboriginal Rain Sticks from Paper Towel Tubes

AUSTRALIA Unit Study: Fauna – Montessori 3-Part Matching Cards

Australia has some really cool and crazy animals. I was psyched to find Safari Ltd made a TOOB® called The Land Down Under which had great little figurines of some of these amazing species - I decided to make corresponding Montessori inspired 3-part printables for these animals as part of our Australia Unit Study. FREE Download Here! Tasmanian … Continue reading AUSTRALIA Unit Study: Fauna – Montessori 3-Part Matching Cards