Dead Sea Salt Experiment – Learn About Density

The Dead Sea borders Israel, the West Bank and Jordan. It is more than 400 meters below seal level and is the lowest point on dry land. It is over 1/3 salt, and this hypersaline water makes floating easy. I love science and thought this fun experiment would be a great way to teach some … Continue reading Dead Sea Salt Experiment – Learn About Density

Three Wise Men’s Gifts: Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh *Sensory Activity*

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Most of us are familiar with the Christian Christmas story of the three wise men who presented the baby Jesus with Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. Most pictorial depictions show these gifts in containers. Aside from gold which many of us are familiar with, what did these gifts really look like? So I ordered up some … Continue reading Three Wise Men’s Gifts: Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh *Sensory Activity*

Hebrew Counting Cards 1-10 *FREE Printables*

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As we continue our study of Israel in this month's theme, we discussed languages. Israel has both Hebrew and Arabic as predominate languages. I thought it would be fun to learn to count in another language - I chose Hebrew. I found Hebrew to be quite fascinating at initial glance. Words are either masculine or … Continue reading Hebrew Counting Cards 1-10 *FREE Printables*

Israel Unit – Foam Map w/Printable Cities

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Part of learning about different countries is understanding how they look on a map and the major cities they have. I love foam sheets as a great textile way of visualizing what a country looks. I made little printables with the cities to attach to your map with map pins. First print out the country … Continue reading Israel Unit – Foam Map w/Printable Cities

Growing Magic Beans – Jack & The Beanstalk Activity

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My toddler has recently started to "read" to me with her books, and over the years we have collected either as hand-me-downs, purchases, gifts, etc a lot of different books. My girl particularly likes the "FE FI FO FUM" part of this book and it's fun to watch how animated she gets. I thought it … Continue reading Growing Magic Beans – Jack & The Beanstalk Activity

Velcro Dot Cubes – Fine Motor Creative Activity

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I love Dollar Tree - mostly I like walking through Dollar Tree seeing what they are selling for only a dollar. A few weeks ago I was there with my toddler and found these foam blocks and velcro dots. I had seen something like this on Pinterest with wooden blocks and decided to get them … Continue reading Velcro Dot Cubes – Fine Motor Creative Activity

My USA Adventure Map *FREE PRINTABLE Map!*

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I love to travel. When I was a young child, my parents took me all over the United States visiting friends and family. Before I finished my teenage years, I had visited almost all 50 states. When my oldest daughter was born, I wanted to share my love of traveling with her too. Before she … Continue reading My USA Adventure Map *FREE PRINTABLE Map!*