Australia Unit: Counting Echidna Cards w/Pinning Work

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The echidna is a funny looking little animal that lives in Australia. I wanted to incorporate some number work into our activities and thought this little creature made the perfect foundation! After my girls went to bed one night, I made up these numbered printables from 1-10 and decided to use miniature clothespins to pin … Continue reading Australia Unit: Counting Echidna Cards w/Pinning Work

Growing Magic Beans – Jack & The Beanstalk Activity

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My toddler has recently started to "read" to me with her books, and over the years we have collected either as hand-me-downs, purchases, gifts, etc a lot of different books. My girl particularly likes the "FE FI FO FUM" part of this book and it's fun to watch how animated she gets. I thought it … Continue reading Growing Magic Beans – Jack & The Beanstalk Activity

Velcro Dot Cubes – Fine Motor Creative Activity

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I love Dollar Tree - mostly I like walking through Dollar Tree seeing what they are selling for only a dollar. A few weeks ago I was there with my toddler and found these foam blocks and velcro dots. I had seen something like this on Pinterest with wooden blocks and decided to get them … Continue reading Velcro Dot Cubes – Fine Motor Creative Activity

Make Bugs out of Foil

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This month we've been doing bug-themed crafts in anticipation of a co-op put on by my friend Mama's Happy Hive. I saw a foil ant on Pinterest and my imagination took off - what other bugs could I make? There really isn't any "steps" to making this craft, but you need a foundation for the body. … Continue reading Make Bugs out of Foil

4th of July Surprise Toilet Paper Roll Poppers

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I have to work this 4th of July, so I wanted to make a fun activity for my kiddos in preparation for this fun holiday. I'll be honest, the last couple of years this holiday has been mostly a loud way to ruin my now toddler's sleep and frankly I've been cranky about it. This … Continue reading 4th of July Surprise Toilet Paper Roll Poppers

Marshmallow Constellations – FREE Printables!

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Summertime is the perfect time for sitting outside on a warm evening and look at stars. Of course for my toddler, this is WAAAAAYYYY past her bedtime and as she is almost three and sporting that threenager attitude, I won't risk such crazy activities. But I saw this fun project that can be a fun … Continue reading Marshmallow Constellations – FREE Printables!

Pool Noodle Interlocking Discs

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Anybody that has kids knows two main things about toys - they seem to multiply and can be quite expensive, which is frustrating when your kids seem to tire of them after a few hours or days. As the weather is warming up, many retailers are selling pool noodles. If you are lucky, you can … Continue reading Pool Noodle Interlocking Discs

Milk Carton Bird Feeder

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As spring approaches, my toddler wants to be outside more and more. This year she has noticed the birds, asking me what kind they are. This little project uses an old milk carton and can be made in a matter of minutes. First you'll need empty washed milk cartons - allow to dry first too. Cut … Continue reading Milk Carton Bird Feeder

Paint Swatch Matching Activity

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I love activities that can be created with recycled items or with minimal expense. I find myself at Home Depot often for projects I do around the house, and with a little Pinterest inspiration, this easy activity only needs a few household items! First get a few paint swatches at your local home improvement store. … Continue reading Paint Swatch Matching Activity