Ireland Unit Study: Geography

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Our study of Ireland wouldn't be complete without our signature foam map! We used our pattern (the detail of the country simplified to make it easier to cut out) to trace onto paper and then cut it out. You can download your copy of the map HERE. We used map pins to attach the different … Continue reading Ireland Unit Study: Geography

St. Patrick’s Day Themed Sensory Bin

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My girls LOVE sensory play. Every time I make a sensory bin, my kiddos go nuts for a long time feeling, sorting, arranging, etc. Most of the sensory bins I make are geared for my oldest because my youngest (17 months) likes to put most everything in her mouth and so I have to watch … Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day Themed Sensory Bin

St. Patrick’s Day Activity: Straw Shamrock Sun-Catcher

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I love activities that allow me to upcycle or reuse things that would normally be thrown away. Instead of throwing away plastic straws, rinse them out and save to make colorful plastic "sheets" to upcycle into fun crafts. This month we are also studying Ireland, and as the shamrock is the national flora, this was … Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day Activity: Straw Shamrock Sun-Catcher

STEM Activity: Balloon Powered Japanese Bullet Train

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The Shinkansen or "Bullet Train" is a network of high-speed railway lines in Japan. Initially, it was built to connect distant Japanese regions with Tokyo, the capital, in order to aid economic growth and development. Today the network has expanded to currently consist of over 1700 miles of lines with maximum speeds of 150–200 miles … Continue reading STEM Activity: Balloon Powered Japanese Bullet Train

JAPAN Unit: Kata – Gross Motor Martial Arts Activity

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When I was in college, I studied Zen Do Kai, a form of martial arts based on Shotokan, which originated in Japan. Both in practice and in testing, we performed "Kata" which are simulated fights. With the strong ties to Japan, I thought this would make a perfect gross motor activity for my daughter. Kata … Continue reading JAPAN Unit: Kata – Gross Motor Martial Arts Activity

Japan Unit: Pouch Top “Sushi” Transfer Activity

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I love activities that require little to no prep and use upcycled materials I have lying around the house. Over the past few years between my two girls, I have collected a lot of baby food pouch tops, and thought they would be perfect for this activity! For our Japan unit, I wanted to show … Continue reading Japan Unit: Pouch Top “Sushi” Transfer Activity

Japan Unit: Counting in Japanese [FREE Printable Cards]

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Years ago when I took martial arts, I learned to count in Japanese. I thought it would be fun to make some counting cards to teach my oldest how to count up to 10 in Japanese. With other country units, my salt tracing bin has been a big hit, and I decided to use it … Continue reading Japan Unit: Counting in Japanese [FREE Printable Cards]

Japan Unit: Water Painting with Soy Sauce Fish Bottles

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I love to use my creative side and so does my oldest, who really enjoys activities that she can be creative. I found these adorable little soy sauce fish bottles at a oriental store, and thought they would be perfect for my Japan unit! I filled them with food coloring and water in three different … Continue reading Japan Unit: Water Painting with Soy Sauce Fish Bottles

Pasta Art: Great Barrier Reef

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As part of our Australia Unit, we talked about not only the land mass but also the surrounding ocean habitat. The Great Barrier Reef is considered a natural wonder of the world, and unfortunately in recent history it is dying as a result of a disturbance in the environment in which it had recently flourished. … Continue reading Pasta Art: Great Barrier Reef

Australia Unit Study: Paper Wattle Craft

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A few months ago, my friend at Mama's Happy Hive did a craft with crumpled tissue paper to represent the changing seasons, and it inspired me to make this craft. The golden wattle (Acacia pycnantha) is the national flora of Australia. It grows to about 26 feet and has flattened leaf stalks (phyllodes) instead of … Continue reading Australia Unit Study: Paper Wattle Craft