Japan Unit Study: Life Cycle of the Macaque Monkey

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The macaque or "Snow Monkey" of Japan is a colorful monkey that lives in the colder regions of Japan, thus earning it's name. I thought it was the perfect animal to make a life cycle spinner to compliment our study of Japan. I sketched some simple drawings of various stages in a monkey's life and … Continue reading Japan Unit Study: Life Cycle of the Macaque Monkey

Montessori Pumpkin Life Cycle *FREE PRINTABLE*

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I don't adhere to one specific methodology of education, but I am inspired by several educational theories including Montessori, Waldorf and STEM/STEAM Education. I was trying to find some autumn-themed activities for my preschooler and decided to make a Montessori life-cycle for a pumpkin! I drew some basic drawings with a sharpie and made up … Continue reading Montessori Pumpkin Life Cycle *FREE PRINTABLE*