Jamaica Unit Study – Jamaican Dollar

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As part of our study of Jamaica, we studied the Jamaican Dollar - I found a collection of Jamaican coins on eBay and thought they would be perfect for our unit activity. The Jamaican dollar has been the currency of Jamaica since 1969. It is often abbreviated to J$, the J serving to distinguish it … Continue reading Jamaica Unit Study – Jamaican Dollar

Counting Jellyfish – Hands on Learning Activity

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When I think of Jamaica, I unfortunately think of jellyfish. My husband and I visited Jamaica in 2013, and one afternoon I got stung by one of these creatures. I never saw the animal, but I sure felt it. I had burning lines across my back for days as a sad reminder of my encounter. … Continue reading Counting Jellyfish – Hands on Learning Activity

St. Patrick’s Day “Pot of Gold” Counting Activity: FREE DOWNLOAD!

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I couldn't resist doing a Saint Patrick's Day themed activity during our Ireland unit because it also coincided with March 17th - how convenient I did that 😉 My oldest daughter is getting pretty good at counting, and can count to 40-50 before we starts rattling off numbers like 40-10, etc. However, I want her … Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day “Pot of Gold” Counting Activity: FREE DOWNLOAD!

Australia Unit: Counting Echidna Cards w/Pinning Work

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The echidna is a funny looking little animal that lives in Australia. I wanted to incorporate some number work into our activities and thought this little creature made the perfect foundation! After my girls went to bed one night, I made up these numbered printables from 1-10 and decided to use miniature clothespins to pin … Continue reading Australia Unit: Counting Echidna Cards w/Pinning Work

Hebrew Counting Cards 1-10 *FREE Printables*

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As we continue our study of Israel in this month's theme, we discussed languages. Israel has both Hebrew and Arabic as predominate languages. I thought it would be fun to learn to count in another language - I chose Hebrew. I found Hebrew to be quite fascinating at initial glance. Words are either masculine or … Continue reading Hebrew Counting Cards 1-10 *FREE Printables*

Penguin Goldfish Counting Pages *FREE Printables*

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I'm always trying to come up with fun educational activities for my 2.5 year old. She loves counting games and one of her favorite snacks is goldfish, so with a little help from Pinterest, I made these printable pages that she can color and also "feed" the penguin the appropriate number of goldfish crackers. First … Continue reading Penguin Goldfish Counting Pages *FREE Printables*