Guatemala Unit Study: Quetzal Bird Toilet Paper Tube Craft

Homeschool Homeschooling Montessori Toilet Paper Craft Tubes Tube Quetzal Bird National Guatemala Guatemalan Maya Mayan Construction Paper Creative Kids Arts and Crafts Learning Educational Learn Culture Homeschool Homeschooling Unschooling Preschool PreK Kindergarten

The Quetzal is the national bird of Guatemala, and known for its bright green and red plumage. Traditionally, the quetzal is incredibly important to the indigenous Maya of the country. Representing freedom, the quetzal is known to die in captivity. Sadly the quetzal has become endangered due to the destruction of it's habitats. I thought … Continue reading Guatemala Unit Study: Quetzal Bird Toilet Paper Tube Craft


Ancient Egypt Masks & Paper Plate Jewelry

Egypt Egyptian Ancient Unit Study Studies Learning About Little Passports Free Mask Printable Death Jewelry Toilet Paper Tube Macaroni Art Jewels Paper Plate Crafts Ideas Montessori Hands on Learning Free Resources

Arts and crafts are one of my favorite pastimes and I like to incorporate this into my country learning activities. For our Egypt Unit Study, I wanted to allow my kiddos to create jewelry and death masks like the pharaohs and queens wore in photos and were found in their sarcophagus. Except for the slaves, … Continue reading Ancient Egypt Masks & Paper Plate Jewelry

Mayan Temple Measuring Activity: Units of Measurement

Maya Mayan Temple Montessori Inspired Pinning Cards Clothespins Free Download Printables Measuring Activity Activities Early Counting Math Mathamatics PreK Kindergarten Preschool STEM Challenge Education Learn Learning Hands on Homeschool Homeschool Units of Measurement Numbers

I like to include a variety of subjects into my learning activities and as my oldest is now in Pre-K, I want to put a small emphasis on basic mathematics. As part of our Guatemala Unit Study, I thought it would be fun to create a measuring activity in regards to the Mayan temples that … Continue reading Mayan Temple Measuring Activity: Units of Measurement

Guatemala Unit Study: Mayan Lego STEM Activity

Maya Mayan Unit Study Studies Guatemala Guatemala Temple Ruins Lego Duplo Activity STEM Challenge Activity Learning Learn Get Creative With Homeschool Homeschooling, Ideas Inspiration Montessori

Guatemala culture has been shaped significantly by their Mayan ancestors. There are multiple Maya ruins that can be explored in Guatemala, with the Mayan temples being the most iconic. I thought it would be fun to challenge my kiddo in a STEM-Inspired activity. For the past couple weeks both my girls have been enjoying the … Continue reading Guatemala Unit Study: Mayan Lego STEM Activity

GUATEMALA Unit Study: Fauna – Montessori 3-Part Matching Cards

Guatemala Fauna Animals of Unit Study Studies Homeschool Hands on Learning Free Download Printables Resources Montessori Inspired PreK Preschool Early Childhood Years Educational Education Learning Animals Matching 3-Part 3 Part Three Cards #travelingthroughlearning This is how we homeschool

Guatemala is full of some of the most unique and interesting animals! It was fun (and challenging) to narrow it down to only six to feature this month! You can download these three-part printable matching cards FREE HERE! Spider Monkey (Ateles geoffroyi yucatanensis), The spider monkey inhabits several South American countries, including Mexico, Guatemala and … Continue reading GUATEMALA Unit Study: Fauna – Montessori 3-Part Matching Cards

Life Cycle of the Cacao Plant/Seed

Cocoa, cacao, chocolate Montessori Inspired Resources Learning Pack Learn Educational Printables FREE Download Life Cycle Color Drawings Learning to Write Parts of Sensory Activity Tasting Homeschool Guatemala South American Unit Study Studies Unschooling PreK Preschool Kindergarten

For our study of Guatemala during the month of September, we focused on the Cacao plant/seed, where Chocolate is made from. I made a simple learning pack to accompany this, which can be downloaded HERE. I first focused on the life cycle of the plant itself, which I displayed as a spinner. I laminated all … Continue reading Life Cycle of the Cacao Plant/Seed

Guatemala Unit Study: DIY Worry Dolls

Hands on learning, Guatemala Guatemalan Mayan Worry Dolls DIY Do It Yourself Instructions Step by Step Unit Study Studies How to Legend Myth Montessori Practical Life Learning to Sew Preschool PreK Kindergarten early years Childhood Education Home Ec

One of the most interesting parts of learning about a new country is the myths/legends associated. Each culture has unique stories that are passed along through the generations, which are fascinating to study. Guatemala has "Worry Dolls" - an adorable belief that tiny dolls can be made, confessed worries to, and their owners can sleep … Continue reading Guatemala Unit Study: DIY Worry Dolls

Egg Carton Mayan Masks

Homeschooling, Homeschool, Egg Cartons, Get Creative With, Upcycle Upcycling, Voodoo Maya Mayan STEM STEAM Learning, Hands on Preschool PreK Kindergarten Learn Creative Art for Kids Unschooling, Montessori Paper Crafts Cheap Easy

I absolutely love to upcycle, creating something from the discarded. I try to base my unit study activities on things that can be found around the house, minimizing cost and waste. I was inspired by these masks on a similar version found on Instagram. I thought they would be perfect for my Guatemalan Unit Study! … Continue reading Egg Carton Mayan Masks

Braille Matching Activity: Euro Unit Study

Homeschooling, Braille, France Unit Study Studies, Preschool Kindergarten Activity Download Free Printables Resources Montessori Inspired Hands on Learning EYFIdeas Early Years Education Let them Be little Wild and Free Ideas Homeschool Homeschooling Educators Teachers Ideas

Louis Braille was a French educator, and invented a system of reading and writing for use by the blind or visually impaired named in his honor. Modern Braille is virtually unchanged to this day, and I thought as part of our France Unit Study, studying this interesting language would be fun to do. Of course … Continue reading Braille Matching Activity: Euro Unit Study

Euro Coins – European Unit Study

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As part of all my unit studies, I like to have the girls handle and compare REAL money from that country. Even though my oldest is only four, she can compare the size, color, shape, etc to money we use here in the United States. We also look at the value and try to compare … Continue reading Euro Coins – European Unit Study