France Unit Study: Make a Popsicle Stick Eiffel Tower!

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Years ago I was watching the TV series Parenthood and one of the characters made a model of the Eiffel Tower from popsicle sticks. When we started our France unit, I knew I wanted to make one myself! We started with a combination of popsicle sticks, toothpicks, hot glue gun and a small Eiffel tower … Continue reading France Unit Study: Make a Popsicle Stick Eiffel Tower!


Notre Dame Rose Window Paper Craft – FRANCE Unit Study

Notre Dame Cathedral Paris France Catholic Educational Learning Learn Craft Art Process Tissue Paper Construction Black Stained Glass Window Art for Kids Rose Window North Toddler Preschool PreK Kindergarten Crafts Play Based Learning Montessori Waldorf Travel Schooling Unschooling #travelingthroughlearning

As a mother of two young children, I go through a lot of paper. Construction paper, tissue paper, printer paper, coloring page paper... A year or so ago, a friend of mine did an activity with tissue paper and clear contact paper which were cut into hearts for Valentine's Day. As I was thinking of … Continue reading Notre Dame Rose Window Paper Craft – FRANCE Unit Study

Nordic Star String Art – Fine Motor Skills Craft

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I always like to pick at least one fine motor skill activity for our country units and the Nordic Star is featured in much of Icelandic design, especially clothing. I remember looking at beautiful sweaters in Reykjavik and seeing the Nordic Star in the patterns. The Nordic star is inspired by an important element in … Continue reading Nordic Star String Art – Fine Motor Skills Craft

Völuskrín – Early Icelandic Children’s Toys [Iceland Unit Study]

Voluskrin, Völuskrín Vintage Icelandic Iceland Children Kids Children's Kid's Toys Unit Study Studies Hands on Learning Homeschool Homeschooling Ideas Inspiration FREE Download Resources Printable Printables Learning about #travelingthroughlearning Ideas for kids Activities Learning cultures world

I like to include a native toy or vintage toy for each county in my unit studies. As the world has become smaller through the invention of technology, unique toys to certain cultures become difficult to find. As I prepped for our Iceland unit, I stumbled upon the history of the Völuskrín. Years ago, children … Continue reading Völuskrín – Early Icelandic Children’s Toys [Iceland Unit Study]

Milk Carton Viking Long Boat Ship Craft

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I love to make models or replicas, especially out of upcycled things. My poor hubby has to put up with me and my collection of "trash" - you could say I'm a bit of a junk modeler. For our Iceland Unit, it made sense to also explore the Viking history of this island country. I … Continue reading Milk Carton Viking Long Boat Ship Craft

Jellyfish Sensory Bottle Activity

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As part of our Jamaica unit, I made a sensory bottle with jellyfish inside! I honestly cannot believe how amazing it turned out and my girls enjoyed (and still do!) playing with it. I love how memorizing the jellyfish float and ripple around the bottle - perfect for learning about jellyfish, Jamaica or just a … Continue reading Jellyfish Sensory Bottle Activity

Counting Jellyfish – Hands on Learning Activity

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When I think of Jamaica, I unfortunately think of jellyfish. My husband and I visited Jamaica in 2013, and one afternoon I got stung by one of these creatures. I never saw the animal, but I sure felt it. I had burning lines across my back for days as a sad reminder of my encounter. … Continue reading Counting Jellyfish – Hands on Learning Activity

Jamaica Unit Study: Juice Box Truck

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Years ago, many children in Jamaica didn't have toys like we had today, they relied on their imagination and creativity for playtime. By doing this, they came up with many creative toys, games, learning coordination skills, teamwork and social interaction. Juices often came in strong, square/rectangle boxes which were once very popular and children found … Continue reading Jamaica Unit Study: Juice Box Truck

Jamaica Unit Study: Giant Swallowtail Butterfly Reflection Activity

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My inspiration for this fantastic activity was a similar activity that was posted on the Keepers of the Cheerios Blog on Facebook - I decided to make it more specific to Papilio homerus, or the Jamaican swallowtail, is the largest butterfly in the Western Hemisphere. First I made a pattern that mimicked what this butterfly … Continue reading Jamaica Unit Study: Giant Swallowtail Butterfly Reflection Activity

Jamaica Unit Study: Taíno Natives – Traditional House & Paper People

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Part of the fun of studying another country is not only what it is like now, but it's history. As part of our Jamaica unit study, I wanted to do an activity that honored the indigenous people of the Caribbean, the Taíno. The ancestors of the Taíno originated in South America, and eventually migrated to … Continue reading Jamaica Unit Study: Taíno Natives – Traditional House & Paper People