Paper Plate Weaving: Fine Motor Activity

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As part of our Guatemala Unit Study, I wanted to do an activity that focused on weaving which is a major part of the traditional Mayan culture. When I visited the countryside of Guatemala in 1999, I saw many woman outside their simple homes weaving beautiful fabric. Guatemalan woman weave beautiful textiles characterized by bright, … Continue reading Paper Plate Weaving: Fine Motor Activity


Nordic Star String Art – Fine Motor Skills Craft

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I always like to pick at least one fine motor skill activity for our country units and the Nordic Star is featured in much of Icelandic design, especially clothing. I remember looking at beautiful sweaters in Reykjavik and seeing the Nordic Star in the patterns. The Nordic star is inspired by an important element in … Continue reading Nordic Star String Art – Fine Motor Skills Craft

Iceland Unit Study: Viking Runes Stones Matching Activity

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As we continued our study of Iceland and the Viking history, we took some time to examine the language of that time period. Iceland's language has been centuries in the making, originating from Old Norse. Archeologist have discovered many examples of this, much of which was written in Iceland, including poems and stories about gods, … Continue reading Iceland Unit Study: Viking Runes Stones Matching Activity

Iceland Unit Study: Viking Runes Tracing Cards [Fine Motor Skills]

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As we studied Iceland, I wanted to focus on the Viking history because much of this time period has utterly fascinated me. For each month, I like to do activities that promote fine motor skills and our tracing box has been a hit several times, so felt it would be perfect for this activity. Iceland's … Continue reading Iceland Unit Study: Viking Runes Tracing Cards [Fine Motor Skills]

Jamaica Unit Study: Taino Natives Symbols [Fine Motor Activity]

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I have been quite intrigued with our study the indigenous people of the Caribbean, the Taíno. The ancestors of the Taíno originated in South America, and eventually migrated to these island homes. During the late fifteenth century, they were the principal inhabitants of most of the Caribbean, including Jamaica. The Taíno were the first New … Continue reading Jamaica Unit Study: Taino Natives Symbols [Fine Motor Activity]

Japan Unit: Counting in Japanese [FREE Printable Cards]

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Years ago when I took martial arts, I learned to count in Japanese. I thought it would be fun to make some counting cards to teach my oldest how to count up to 10 in Japanese. With other country units, my salt tracing bin has been a big hit, and I decided to use it … Continue reading Japan Unit: Counting in Japanese [FREE Printable Cards]

Japan Unit: Preschool Origami

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I've always been fascinated by origami, but haven't progressed over the years past a few basic designs. For our Japan unit, I wanted to show my preschooler how to fold a few basic designs. The Japanese word "Origami" is made of two smaller Japanese words: "ori" which means to fold, and "kami" which means paper. … Continue reading Japan Unit: Preschool Origami

Woven Crocodile Paper Craft

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I love a brand-new block of construction paper, and so does my oldest! The potential is endless. My inspiration for this activity actually comes from the paper itself, as there was a photo of this exact craft as an idea. Crocodiles are found in large numbers in the tropical north of Australia; the saltwater crocodile … Continue reading Woven Crocodile Paper Craft

Australia Unit: Counting Echidna Cards w/Pinning Work

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The echidna is a funny looking little animal that lives in Australia. I wanted to incorporate some number work into our activities and thought this little creature made the perfect foundation! After my girls went to bed one night, I made up these numbered printables from 1-10 and decided to use miniature clothespins to pin … Continue reading Australia Unit: Counting Echidna Cards w/Pinning Work

Australian Animal Track Salt Tracing: Fine Motor Activity

Australia Australian Day Unit Animal Tracks Fine Motor Tracing Salt Free Printables Tasmanian Devil Koala Kangaroo Crocodile Montessori Waldorf Preschool Printables FREE Download Resources Teachers Parents Culture Geography Learning Hands on

If you've been following my blog, I did an activity last month of tracing Hebrew numbers in salt as part of my Israel Unit. My 3 year old had so much fun doing it, I decided to do an activity with salt tracing again. Australia has so many fun unique animals, and I thought tracing … Continue reading Australian Animal Track Salt Tracing: Fine Motor Activity