Iris Life Cycle – Montessori Inspired Activity

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I love nature as a major part of my learning activities. I try to promote this when I'm creating or implementing learning activities for my girls. For our France Unit Study, I wanted to focus on the Iris as our Montessori-Inspired Life Cycle. My paternal grandmother loved lilies and we had orange and purple lilies … Continue reading Iris Life Cycle – Montessori Inspired Activity

Jamaica Unit Study: Run like Usain Bolt [Gross Motor Activity]

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Usain St Leo Bolt is a Jamaican sprinter. He is a world record holder in the 100 metres, 200 metres and 4 × 100 metres relay, and considered to be the greatest sprinter of all time. As part of our study of Jamaica, it made sense to honor him with a learning activity. I try … Continue reading Jamaica Unit Study: Run like Usain Bolt [Gross Motor Activity]

England Unit: Stonehenge Diorama from Sand Playdough (Recipe Included!)

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I learn best when I'm actively participating in creating something - I have a sneaky feeling my daughter is too. When we visited London seven years ago, my husband and I took a day trip to Stonehenge - the iconic site of large stones set in a circle. It was incredible to see this in … Continue reading England Unit: Stonehenge Diorama from Sand Playdough (Recipe Included!)

Ireland Unit Study: Geography

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Our study of Ireland wouldn't be complete without our signature foam map! We used our pattern (the detail of the country simplified to make it easier to cut out) to trace onto paper and then cut it out. You can download your copy of the map HERE. We used map pins to attach the different … Continue reading Ireland Unit Study: Geography

Japan Unit: Learning About Japanese Yen

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I have always been fascinated by world currencies and love studying different kinds of money as part of our world country studies. My oldest is only three, so is not able to fully understand the concept of money, but she likes to compare, contrast, line them up by size/shapes/color. I also find that comparing coins … Continue reading Japan Unit: Learning About Japanese Yen

STEM Activity: Balloon Powered Japanese Bullet Train

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The Shinkansen or "Bullet Train" is a network of high-speed railway lines in Japan. Initially, it was built to connect distant Japanese regions with Tokyo, the capital, in order to aid economic growth and development. Today the network has expanded to currently consist of over 1700 miles of lines with maximum speeds of 150–200 miles … Continue reading STEM Activity: Balloon Powered Japanese Bullet Train

Australia Unit Study: Sydney Harbor Bridge Craft

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We are having such a wonderful time with our Australia unit! I find a good portion of my inspiration on Pinterest and my Instagram feed. I came across this activity from Danya Banya and decided to do it with my preschooler. It really is super easy, and turned out super cute! I loved walking across … Continue reading Australia Unit Study: Sydney Harbor Bridge Craft

Orange Clove Pomander – Fine Motor Skill Activity

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I love to find easy activities that promote hands-on learning. I also love the smells of the holidays and this activity combines fine motor skills and creativity as well as smells AMAZING! A pomander comes from the French words pomme d'ambre, meaning an apple of amber. It refers to a ball made for perfumes, and … Continue reading Orange Clove Pomander – Fine Motor Skill Activity

Montessori Pumpkin Life Cycle *FREE PRINTABLE*

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I don't adhere to one specific methodology of education, but I am inspired by several educational theories including Montessori, Waldorf and STEM/STEAM Education. I was trying to find some autumn-themed activities for my preschooler and decided to make a Montessori life-cycle for a pumpkin! I drew some basic drawings with a sharpie and made up … Continue reading Montessori Pumpkin Life Cycle *FREE PRINTABLE*

Dyed Pumpkin Seed Letter Tracing

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We saved the seeds we removed from our pumpkin a few days ago, and allowed them to dry for a few days. I decided to dye them and use them for another activity. It's ridiculously easy to dye pumpkin seeds actually. I put the dry pumpkin seeds into little bags and added 1/2 teaspoon of … Continue reading Dyed Pumpkin Seed Letter Tracing