Object Outline Puzzle – Easy Toddler Activity!

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I'm always looking for activities that I can whip up quickly for my busy toddler. Especially those that require minimal supervision that she can work on while I put her little sister down for a nap (two kids with different naptimes is HARD!) I have a large roll of craft paper that I've used for … Continue reading Object Outline Puzzle – Easy Toddler Activity!

How to Make Sensory Windows: Diaper Wipe Upcycle

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I have two young children - the older one is *mostly* pottytrained, but still wears pullups for naps and bedtime. In the past three years I have gone through a LOT of wipes... I liked the hard plastic dispensers and hoped to make a fun activity with them. This activity worked well for both my … Continue reading How to Make Sensory Windows: Diaper Wipe Upcycle

Make Your Own Chalk Paint – Upcycle Old Chalk Sticks!

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I can't remember buying chalk for a long time, but somehow I have a whole box of it. Another mama suggested turning old sticks into powder and adding water to make your own chalk paint, so that is what I did! I used a cheese grater to turn my chalk into powder. I found the … Continue reading Make Your Own Chalk Paint – Upcycle Old Chalk Sticks!

High Contrast Stimulation Posters *FREE Printables*

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Studies have shown that stimulating your baby's brain through play can help increase brain development. Babies find high contrast images stimulating, but purchasing books or mobiles with these can be costly. I have a three month old that I try to spend some time daily introducing her to new things. I made her some small … Continue reading High Contrast Stimulation Posters *FREE Printables*