Iceland Unit: Icelandic Króna [Compare/Contrast Coins]

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The króna is the currency of Iceland. Iceland is the second smallest country by population, after the Seychelles, to have its own currency and monetary policy. I remember visiting Iceland in 2014, and the exchange rate was crazy for the USD. I bought a pizza and salad for thousands of króna, and was scared how … Continue reading Iceland Unit: Icelandic Króna [Compare/Contrast Coins]

Jamaica Unit Study – Jamaican Dollar

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As part of our study of Jamaica, we studied the Jamaican Dollar - I found a collection of Jamaican coins on eBay and thought they would be perfect for our unit activity. The Jamaican dollar has been the currency of Jamaica since 1969. It is often abbreviated to J$, the J serving to distinguish it … Continue reading Jamaica Unit Study – Jamaican Dollar

Japan Unit: Learning About Japanese Yen

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I have always been fascinated by world currencies and love studying different kinds of money as part of our world country studies. My oldest is only three, so is not able to fully understand the concept of money, but she likes to compare, contrast, line them up by size/shapes/color. I also find that comparing coins … Continue reading Japan Unit: Learning About Japanese Yen