Famous Paintings Art Lacing Boards

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My husband and I love to travel, but unfortunately we've been on a wee bit of a hiatus due to having two young children. In our 11 years of marriage, we've had the privilege to fly around the world and see many famous sights in person. I look forward to continue this tradition with my … Continue reading Famous Paintings Art Lacing Boards

Alphabet Matching Activity – Upcycled Bottle Caps!

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This activity has been a HUGE hit with my preschooler - I have been saving random bottle caps from my Body Armor drinks (because breastfeeding, lol) and after months, I had enough to do this activity. I printed out the lower case letters of the alphabet on a sheet of paper (you can print off … Continue reading Alphabet Matching Activity – Upcycled Bottle Caps!

Object Outline Puzzle – Easy Toddler Activity!

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I'm always looking for activities that I can whip up quickly for my busy toddler. Especially those that require minimal supervision that she can work on while I put her little sister down for a nap (two kids with different naptimes is HARD!) I have a large roll of craft paper that I've used for … Continue reading Object Outline Puzzle – Easy Toddler Activity!

How to Make Sensory Windows: Diaper Wipe Upcycle

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I have two young children - the older one is *mostly* pottytrained, but still wears pullups for naps and bedtime. In the past three years I have gone through a LOT of wipes... I liked the hard plastic dispensers and hoped to make a fun activity with them. This activity worked well for both my … Continue reading How to Make Sensory Windows: Diaper Wipe Upcycle

Make Your Own Chalk Paint – Upcycle Old Chalk Sticks!

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I can't remember buying chalk for a long time, but somehow I have a whole box of it. Another mama suggested turning old sticks into powder and adding water to make your own chalk paint, so that is what I did! I used a cheese grater to turn my chalk into powder. I found the … Continue reading Make Your Own Chalk Paint – Upcycle Old Chalk Sticks!

Velcro Dot Cubes – Fine Motor Creative Activity

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I love Dollar Tree - mostly I like walking through Dollar Tree seeing what they are selling for only a dollar. A few weeks ago I was there with my toddler and found these foam blocks and velcro dots. I had seen something like this on Pinterest with wooden blocks and decided to get them … Continue reading Velcro Dot Cubes – Fine Motor Creative Activity

Make Bugs out of Foil

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This month we've been doing bug-themed crafts in anticipation of a co-op put on by my friend Mama's Happy Hive. I saw a foil ant on Pinterest and my imagination took off - what other bugs could I make? There really isn't any "steps" to making this craft, but you need a foundation for the body. … Continue reading Make Bugs out of Foil