Peanut Jar Upcycle: Infant Pull Taggy Toy

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I always am looking at ways to upcycle stuff around my house into fun projects or toys. My baby (10 months) is always looking to pull things out of other things, and I created a fun little toy for her to do just that! First you need a jar - I used a peanut butter … Continue reading Peanut Jar Upcycle: Infant Pull Taggy Toy

High Contrast Stimulation Posters *FREE Printables*

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Studies have shown that stimulating your baby's brain through play can help increase brain development. Babies find high contrast images stimulating, but purchasing books or mobiles with these can be costly. I have a three month old that I try to spend some time daily introducing her to new things. I made her some small … Continue reading High Contrast Stimulation Posters *FREE Printables*