Woven Crocodile Paper Craft

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I love a brand-new block of construction paper, and so does my oldest! The potential is endless. My inspiration for this activity actually comes from the paper itself, as there was a photo of this exact craft as an idea. Crocodiles are found in large numbers in the tropical north of Australia; the saltwater crocodile … Continue reading Woven Crocodile Paper Craft

Pasta Art: Great Barrier Reef

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As part of our Australia Unit, we talked about not only the land mass but also the surrounding ocean habitat. The Great Barrier Reef is considered a natural wonder of the world, and unfortunately in recent history it is dying as a result of a disturbance in the environment in which it had recently flourished. … Continue reading Pasta Art: Great Barrier Reef

Australia Unit Study: Paper Wattle Craft

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A few months ago, my friend at Mama's Happy Hive did a craft with crumpled tissue paper to represent the changing seasons, and it inspired me to make this craft. The golden wattle (Acacia pycnantha) is the national flora of Australia. It grows to about 26 feet and has flattened leaf stalks (phyllodes) instead of … Continue reading Australia Unit Study: Paper Wattle Craft

Australia Unit: Aboriginal Rain Sticks from Paper Towel Tubes

In my basement I probably have a hundred paper towel, toilet paper and gift wrap tubes. Why? Because they are an awesome craft foundation. You can make so many things from them. I'll admit, I probably have too many, but that just means I need to make more things, right? As we continue our study … Continue reading Australia Unit: Aboriginal Rain Sticks from Paper Towel Tubes

ISRAEL Unit Study – Build a “Wailing Wall” Out of Sugar Cubes

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I am a kinetic learner - meaning I learn best by physically doing something. I suspect my daughter is very similar, as she loves to "do it herself!" We are having a blast learning about Israel as we come up with fun activities that allow us to learn while having fun. I wanted to somehow … Continue reading ISRAEL Unit Study – Build a “Wailing Wall” Out of Sugar Cubes

Star of David – Popsicle Craft (Israel Unit)

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The Star of David is very important to the Jewish culture. As the most prominent religion in Israel, I found this fun craft that helps little ones recognize this symbol while providing hands on creative fun. First I glued popsicle sticks into two triangle shapes. I used the wider ones, but either will work. You … Continue reading Star of David – Popsicle Craft (Israel Unit)

Milk Carton Dreidel – Hanukkah Craft

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Part of celebrating Hanukkah is playing a fun game called the Dreidel. It basically is a top which falls down on a side like a dice, influencing what the player does. The traditional Hanukkah dreidel dates back to the time before the Maccabees. I decided a milk carton would make a perfect dreidel. Next, open both sides … Continue reading Milk Carton Dreidel – Hanukkah Craft

Pumpkin Sensory Balls

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This is a super-easy activity to do with your little ones, and great for strengthening little hands and of course fun sensory play! Start with two orange balloons: I used two to make sure it is nice and strong (also if one breaks you have a spare. I put one balloon inside the other one: … Continue reading Pumpkin Sensory Balls

Leaf Hairstyles – Fall Preschool Activity

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Fall is one of my favorite times of year - I love the colors and the crisp weather and all the yummy scents and tastes. Now that the weather isn't as hot, it's easier to take walks with my girls and it's fun to pick up random leaves, flowers grasses and seed pods. My preschooler … Continue reading Leaf Hairstyles – Fall Preschool Activity