My Body Unit – The Concept of Joints

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As a nurse educator, I love to find creative ways to teach my little one about her body. At three, she isn't able to grasp many abstract concepts, so I try to find hands on learning activities to make it more real. I always seem to have tons of pipecleaners laying around - pretty sure … Continue reading My Body Unit – The Concept of Joints

Plastic Bag Lungs – Hands on Activity!

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Since my day job is to teach nursing students, I love finding fun ways to teach about the human body. I find it even more challenging to teach these concepts to a three-year-old, but this activity was a hit! Our last co-op with Mama's Happy Hive was all about the human body, and I had so much … Continue reading Plastic Bag Lungs – Hands on Activity!

My Blood & Kidneys – Sensory Learning Activity

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Water beads are my go-to for many sensory and learning activities. I wanted an activity to visualize the different parts of the human blood, and water beads fit the purpose perfectly. I used red/pink beads for the red blood cells, white for the white blood cells, crush yellow beads for platelets and water with a … Continue reading My Blood & Kidneys – Sensory Learning Activity

Q-Tip X-Rays – Learning About The Human Skeleton

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I'm a 4th generation nurse and plan on passing down my love of the human body to my girls. For the past few weeks we've been focusing on activities that help us learn about the human body. I fell in love with this activity to help teach the names of the major bones. Materials you … Continue reading Q-Tip X-Rays – Learning About The Human Skeleton

Jello Cell – Biology Activity for Kids

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I was homeschooled growing up and my mother found creative ideas to teach us different concepts - this is even more impressive in pre-pinterest and blogging age, before the internet! I remember her doing this activity with me using beans and pasta, and although I was around 8 or 9, I remember it vividly. Understandably, … Continue reading Jello Cell – Biology Activity for Kids

My Body: Learning Anatomy *FREE Printables*

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I'm a RN with my MS in Nursing Education, so two of my passions are the human body and education. My toddler is starting to want to learn different body parts and I decided to make little cutouts for her to learn. First download my the anatomical printables (yes, I drew them with a sharpie, … Continue reading My Body: Learning Anatomy *FREE Printables*