FRANCE Unit Study: Fauna – Montessori 3-Part Matching Cards

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When one thinks of France, its easy to get caught up in the beautiful architecture, but there is fun animals that live their too! While some of the animals are indigenous to Europe in general, a few are well known to French natives. You can download these three-part printable matching cards FREE HERE! Gallic Rooster … Continue reading FRANCE Unit Study: Fauna – Montessori 3-Part Matching Cards

France Unit Study: Marie Antoinette Cotton Ball Craft

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I love activities that combine art and learning. My girls love to create art with different materials and as I was prepping for our France unit study, I thought an activity to study Marie Antoinette would be interesting. Marie Antoinette was the last Queen of France before the French Revolution. She was married at the … Continue reading France Unit Study: Marie Antoinette Cotton Ball Craft

Notre Dame Rose Window Paper Craft – FRANCE Unit Study

Notre Dame Cathedral Paris France Catholic Educational Learning Learn Craft Art Process Tissue Paper Construction Black Stained Glass Window Art for Kids Rose Window North Toddler Preschool PreK Kindergarten Crafts Play Based Learning Montessori Waldorf Travel Schooling Unschooling #travelingthroughlearning

As a mother of two young children, I go through a lot of paper. Construction paper, tissue paper, printer paper, coloring page paper... A year or so ago, a friend of mine did an activity with tissue paper and clear contact paper which were cut into hearts for Valentine's Day. As I was thinking of … Continue reading Notre Dame Rose Window Paper Craft – FRANCE Unit Study

#TravelingThroughLearning – FRANCE Unit!

France is a European country rich with medieval cities, alpine villages and Mediterranean beaches. Most people think of Paris, its capital, which is famous for fashion, classical art museums including the Louvre and monuments like the Eiffel Tower. The country is also renowned for its wines and sophisticated cuisine. Lascaux’s ancient cave drawings, Lyon’s Roman … Continue reading #TravelingThroughLearning – FRANCE Unit!

Toga hönk [Tuga War] – Viking Gross Motor Activity

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For our study of Iceland, our gross motor activity was the toga hönk (tuga war) which was an important competition to the Vikings. The name literally means tugging on a loop, or a hank. Not much is known about the exact details, but it is believed that two men sat on the floor or the … Continue reading Toga hönk [Tuga War] – Viking Gross Motor Activity

Mentos & Diet Coca Cola – STEM Science Experiment

Iceland Unit Studies Study Country Coke Coca Cola Diet Mentos Mints Science Experiment for Kids Instructions Step by Step Homeschooling Ideas Inspiration Montessori STEM STEAM Learning Learn Geysers Eruptions Chemical Reactions Homeschooling Summer Activities Hands on Learning How things Work Unschooling

As we concluded our study of Iceland, I wanted to include a science experiment, and thought that the traditional Mentos & Diet Coca Cola would be perfect, and a great way to visualize what a geyser looks like. A geyser is a spring characterized by intermittent discharge of water ejected turbulently and accompanied by steam. … Continue reading Mentos & Diet Coca Cola – STEM Science Experiment

Iceland Unit: Icelandic Króna [Compare/Contrast Coins]

Homeschool, Homeschooling, #travelingthroughlearning, Icelandic Iceland Unit Studies Study Coin Currencies World Activity Little Global Citizens Passports Learning about Iceland Preschool, PreK Kindergarten

The króna is the currency of Iceland. Iceland is the second smallest country by population, after the Seychelles, to have its own currency and monetary policy. I remember visiting Iceland in 2014, and the exchange rate was crazy for the USD. I bought a pizza and salad for thousands of króna, and was scared how … Continue reading Iceland Unit: Icelandic Króna [Compare/Contrast Coins]

Iceland Unit: Interactive Foam Map [Geography]

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In all my country units, I like to include a visual of the country and mark important major cities. First I cut out my map from a simplified pattern. You can download the map and city tags HERE. We attached our city/town names with map pins. I had a lot of fun with the map … Continue reading Iceland Unit: Interactive Foam Map [Geography]

Icelandic Troll Dolls – Dried Apple Art / Craft.

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Icelandic Folklore has a rich history of trolls & elves - during the long dark winter nights of old, storytelling was the chief form of Icelandic entertainment, with each region fostering its very own bulk of tales and legends that were passed down from generation to generation throughout the centuries.  These creatures were commonly referred to as Huldufólk, meaning … Continue reading Icelandic Troll Dolls – Dried Apple Art / Craft.

Nordic Star String Art – Fine Motor Skills Craft

Nordic Star Iceland Country String Art Fine Motor Skills Skill Activity Craft Hands-on Learning Learn Design Practical Life Montessori Waldorf Learning to Sew Homeschool Homeschooling Unschool Unschooling Preschool PreK Kindergarten Home Economics Early Years Childhood Education Educational Ideas Kids Children

I always like to pick at least one fine motor skill activity for our country units and the Nordic Star is featured in much of Icelandic design, especially clothing. I remember looking at beautiful sweaters in Reykjavik and seeing the Nordic Star in the patterns. The Nordic star is inspired by an important element in … Continue reading Nordic Star String Art – Fine Motor Skills Craft