#TravelingThroughLearning – GUATEMALA Unit!

Guatemala is a Central American country south of Mexico, and features rainforests, volcanoes, and ancient Mayan sites. The capital, Guatemala City, features the stately National Palace of Culture and the National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology. Antigua, west of the … Continue reading #TravelingThroughLearning – GUATEMALA Unit!

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Handwashing Germ Science Experiment

As part of our France unit study, I wanted to focus on Louis Pasteur, a French scientist that formed the foundation for modern-day microbiology. My girls are at the age where everything goes in their mouths and they don’t consider … Continue reading Handwashing Germ Science Experiment

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Braille Matching Activity: Euro Unit Study

Louis Braille was a French educator, and invented a system of reading and writing for use by the blind or visually impaired named in his honor. Modern Braille is virtually unchanged to this day, and I thought as part of … Continue reading Braille Matching Activity: Euro Unit Study

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Iris Life Cycle – Montessori Inspired Activity

I love nature as a major part of my learning activities. I try to promote this when I’m creating or implementing learning activities for my girls. For our France Unit Study, I wanted to focus on the Iris as our … Continue reading Iris Life Cycle – Montessori Inspired Activity

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France Unit Study: Montessori Inspired Foam Map [Geography]

As part of all my unit studies, I like to do an interactive map for geography. It’s fun to visualize how the country looks as an outline and pin major cities as well. Both my girl’s are quite young, so … Continue reading France Unit Study: Montessori Inspired Foam Map [Geography]

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France Unit Study: Make a Popsicle Stick Eiffel Tower!

Years ago I was watching the TV series Parenthood and one of the characters made a model of the Eiffel Tower from popsicle sticks. When we started our France unit, I knew I wanted to make one myself! We started … Continue reading France Unit Study: Make a Popsicle Stick Eiffel Tower!

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FRANCE Unit Study: Fauna – Montessori 3-Part Matching Cards

When one thinks of France, its easy to get caught up in the beautiful architecture, but there is fun animals that live their too! While some of the animals are indigenous to Europe in general, a few are well known … Continue reading FRANCE Unit Study: Fauna – Montessori 3-Part Matching Cards