France Unit Study: Marie Antoinette Cotton Ball Craft

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I love activities that combine art and learning. My girls love to create art with different materials and as I was prepping for our France unit study, I thought an activity to study Marie Antoinette would be interesting. Marie Antoinette was the last Queen of France before the French Revolution. She was married at the … Continue reading France Unit Study: Marie Antoinette Cotton Ball Craft


Jamaica Unit Study: Leatherback Sea Turtle Sensory Nest

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Its hard sometimes to come up with activities that can be enjoyed by both a preschooler AND a toddler - many of my printables or crafts the toddler destroys or chews on, which adds a level of challenge with various activities. We have been studying the Leatherback Sea Turtle as part of our Jamaica Unit … Continue reading Jamaica Unit Study: Leatherback Sea Turtle Sensory Nest

How to Make Sensory Windows: Diaper Wipe Upcycle

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I have two young children - the older one is *mostly* pottytrained, but still wears pullups for naps and bedtime. In the past three years I have gone through a LOT of wipes... I liked the hard plastic dispensers and hoped to make a fun activity with them. This activity worked well for both my … Continue reading How to Make Sensory Windows: Diaper Wipe Upcycle

Pool Noodle Interlocking Discs

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Anybody that has kids knows two main things about toys - they seem to multiply and can be quite expensive, which is frustrating when your kids seem to tire of them after a few hours or days. As the weather is warming up, many retailers are selling pool noodles. If you are lucky, you can … Continue reading Pool Noodle Interlocking Discs

Milestone Boxes *FREE Printables*

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I love photography! With both my girls, I wanted to commemorate the days/weeks/months/years as they grew, but found milestone boxes for photos are $20 and up for these little paper cubes. I decided to make my own, and found it to be a fun project to take photos of my infant. First download the printable … Continue reading Milestone Boxes *FREE Printables*

High Contrast Stimulation Posters *FREE Printables*

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Studies have shown that stimulating your baby's brain through play can help increase brain development. Babies find high contrast images stimulating, but purchasing books or mobiles with these can be costly. I have a three month old that I try to spend some time daily introducing her to new things. I made her some small … Continue reading High Contrast Stimulation Posters *FREE Printables*