Ancient Egypt Unit Study – Cardboard Sarcophagus & Toilet Paper Mummy

I may have a couple, or stack of Amazon boxes. When you’re the mother of two young kiddos, shopping is a painful experience at times, so ordering online is a lifesaver. As part of our study of Egypt, I thought it would be fun to make a sarcophagus/mummy case out of cardboard for the girl’s to play in. They seemed very interested in mummies and especially my oldest kept noticing skeletons wrapped in graveclothes around (Halloween decorations) and wanted to make one.

So I layered flatted boxes on the floor to form a large enough piece for my base.

I had my oldest lay on it so I could get an idea of how big to make my base.

I cut off the excess and then taped 6″ width of cardboard all around to form a coffin-shaped box.


I decide to use toilet paper for the mummy cloth just in case the kids need to break free (I just imagined roll bandage instigating a meltdown, lol).

My little mummy! My oldest was a little better about standing still and allowing me to wrap her. My toddler was a little more squirmy and didn’t cooperate as well, haha.

Look at that little glint in her eye, this one’s a stinker.

This activity was good for gross motor skills and fun to wrap up in toilet paper. At the end, we flattened out the toilet paper and made sure we could use it, so we didn’t waste any.

My oldest told me she didn’t want to become a mummy anytime soon. Good call, kiddo!

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