FRANCE Unit Study: Versailles Hall of Mirrors Reflection Activity [STEM Challenge]

One of the most iconic places in France is the palace of Versailles. When my husband and I visited there, we were overwhelmed how intense it is in real life – It’s not only massive, but gorgeous! I cannot imagine how amazing it must have looked in its prime, full of nobles and royalty. A famous room, call the Hall of Mirrors, is in the main palace, and the reflection is incredible.

I thought it would be fun to do an activity to talk about reflection as a STEM Challenge Activity. I bought adhesive mirror paper online (you can purchase some on Amazon HERE). I had a shoe box, and I lined the inside of the box with the mirror paper and conveniently the box already had a small hole in which to view, but you could cut one too if you so desired.

It’s important to line all four sides so that the reflecting surfaces reflect multiple times.

I trimmed off the extra with scissors.

We used a little plastic doll as our focal point and my oldest looked through the peephole in the front and angled it to see different reflections. We talked about secondary and tertiary reflections.

Albeit simple, this was a super-fun activity which both my kiddos enjoyed. I’m not sure my toddler really got the concept of what we were looking at, but both girls seemed to enjoy seeing the reflection of the doll.

Lastly, we stood in front of a full-sized mirror and talked about our reflection and how when we moved, the reflection did too. 🙂

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