Egypt Unit Study: Pyramid Cup Stack [STEM Challenge]

I love activities that require minimal preparation and are easy to set up. This activity was super simple, but provided my girls a bit of a challenge and kept them occupied for a few minutes (at this age, that’s always a win!)

I gave them a whole bag of red solo cups, but you could use almost any kind of non-breakable cup as well. I told them they needed to build a pyramid, and you needed to be careful and utilize your fine motor skills to place each piece on top because it could easily come crashing down.

My oldest took the challenge quit seriously and with a tiny bit of help from me, built a pyramid! Way to go!

Even as an adult, I had issues because the base of the cup on the bottom didn’t quite cover the edges on the top and several times we had to start over because our pyramid came crashing down.

We talked about how important foundations are for any structure, and if your foundation isn’t straight or unsecure, the rest of your structure can be doomed. A great conversation started to talk about principles of engineering!

The baby one was happy to make a pyramid of just five cups, but at the age of new minted two, I think she did a good job!

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