Life Cycle of the Egyptian Mau Cat [Egypt Unit Study]

We focused on the Egyptian Mau Cat for our study of Egypt during the month of October – I made a simple learning pack to accompany this, which can be downloaded HERE. I laminated all my study materials to protect them from little hands and help them hold up better.

It’s getting harder to do activities together as my oldest is actually quite into them, but my toddler wants to be involved, but is rather destructive. It’s some what of a circus most days, lol. My oldest liked matching the parts of the cat, while my youngest was focused on the spinner part.

It worked well for each girl to work on one part at a time. We talked about how a kitten grows up into a adult cat. The tracing sheet I also laminated, and works awesome with a dry erase marker!

My oldest would trace the lines, my youngest just scribbled. Both girls loved this activity though, and each was learning!

I like this learning pack because it can be used with various ages – both girl’s enjoyed it, albeit slightly different ways! 🙂

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