Mayan Temple Measuring Activity: Units of Measurement

I like to include a variety of subjects into my learning activities and as my oldest is now in Pre-K, I want to put a small emphasis on basic mathematics. As part of our Guatemala Unit Study, I thought it would be fun to create a measuring activity in regards to the Mayan temples that are scattered throughout the country.

I made up a simple pinning card activity with several photos of different Mayan temples – I know the depth of field changes between some of the photos so it’s not a completely accurate measuring activity, but at this age I thought that the perceived height, using a measuring tool and counting would be more than accurate.

You can download the FREE printable HERE!

I laminated each card to hold up to tiny fingers. I had my daughter use the black/white measuring stick and hold it up to the red arrows to measure each temple. Then she used a clothespin to pin the correct number of units.

She did really well! She did this activity several times over the course of a few days, and I loved to see her attention to detail as she held her “ruler” up to the red line and counted how many units. What a great way to learn how to measure things!

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