Guatemala Unit Study: Mayan Lego STEM Activity

Guatemala culture has been shaped significantly by their Mayan ancestors. There are multiple Maya ruins that can be explored in Guatemala, with the Mayan temples being the most iconic.

I thought it would be fun to challenge my kiddo in a STEM-Inspired activity. For the past couple weeks both my girls have been enjoying the DUPLO Legos we have in our collection, and I thought they would provide the perfect foundation for this activity.

I printed out of a photo of a Mayan temple and gave her a stack of blocks and let her go to work. It was fun to see her little mind work as she tried to replicate the photo. Several times she didn’t secure the previous layer and the whole thing imploded, lol.

With a little help from me, she finally got the temple built. She was so proud!

I’d say it’s a pretty accurate representation! And yes, my kiddo does have purple/pink hair, they are hair markers my sister got her nieces for a present and they wash immediately out in the shower, haha.

Art comes in a variety of forms – what other things can you create based on a photo? Using unique mediums? Common household items?

This gives me a lots of inspiration for future activities…. 😉

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