Life Cycle of the Cacao Plant/Seed

For our study of Guatemala during the month of September, we focused on the Cacao plant/seed, where Chocolate is made from. I made a simple learning pack to accompany this, which can be downloaded HERE.

I first focused on the life cycle of the plant itself, which I displayed as a spinner. I laminated all my study materials to protect them from little hands and help them hold up better.

Next we worked on the parts of the plant itself – my oldest is able to match the different parts looking at the key, but I would read each part and she would try to find it on the image.

It worked well for each girl to work on one part at a time. The tracing sheet I also laminated, and works awesome with a dry erase marker!

My oldest would trace the lines, my youngest just scribbled. But each are learning!

Lastly, we had a fun tasting activity – I bought milk, 70% and 90% cacao chocolate. I separated each type and had the girls try a small piece. Neither girls were fans of the 90%, they said the 70% was ok, but loved the milk. Sheesh, I’ll have to keep working on them! 🙂

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