Handwashing Germ Science Experiment

As part of our France unit study, I wanted to focus on Louis Pasteur, a French scientist that formed the foundation for modern-day microbiology. My girls are at the age where everything goes in their mouths and they don’t consider how clean their hands are. Not surprisingly, they seem to have frequent colds. I wanted to do a fun experiment that would hopefully show them how important handwashing is.

I purchased a few things off Amazon:

I had the girls rub their hands with the Glo Germ, kind of like lotion and make sure they got every part of their hands.

Next I had them wash their hands just like they’d normally do if I wasn’t helping them.

Now the fun part, we turned off the lights and examined our hands with the black-light flashlight to see what was missed.

What a fun way to visualize how important it is to wash one’s hands!

Now if I could remind them daily… haha

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