Braille Matching Activity: Euro Unit Study

Louis Braille was a French educator, and invented a system of reading and writing for use by the blind or visually impaired named in his honor. Modern Braille is virtually unchanged to this day, and I thought as part of our France Unit Study, studying this interesting language would be fun to do.

Of course I cannot manage to be anything but extra, so I wanted to make this a fun hands-on activity for my almost four year old. I mean, we still haven’t completely mastered the English alphabet, but why not tackle Braille? Haha.

I found a little plaque at the dollar store that was perfect for my idea.

I measured out six places and made sure they were centered. I drilled out 3/4 inch holes in each place using a drill and then sanded everything nicely so little fingers wouldn’t get splinters.

I also bought six shooter-sized marbles from the dollar store to use in this activity.

I next made cards depicting each letter of the braille alphabet to go along with my activity. You can download my *.pdf HERE.

Tada! How cute are these?

We picked a card and then put the marbles in each spot to form the braille letter. This activity is really awesome for pattern recognition, and we also talked about how it’s important to consider people with special needs and how to help them. 🙂

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