Iris Life Cycle – Montessori Inspired Activity

I love nature as a major part of my learning activities. I try to promote this when I’m creating or implementing learning activities for my girls. For our France Unit Study, I wanted to focus on the Iris as our Montessori-Inspired Life Cycle. My paternal grandmother loved lilies and we had orange and purple lilies planted all around our house in upstate New York as I grew up.

First, download the FREE printable HERE.

Forgive my crude drawings, there is only so much I can do with a sharpie and photoshop, haha.

I laminated each part so that it would stand up to little fingers. This activity includes a life cycle spinner, a parts of the lily diagram, a tracing board to learn to write “Iris” and extra tags to put the part of the lily on a real or faux lily. I found mine at Hobby Lobby. 🙂

My oldest loved turning the wheel – we talked about how each stage of the flower’s life has a different purpose and looks different – just like people!

My kiddo isn’t quite reading yet, but she is able to compare the tags from the answer key and match them accordingly. I told her what each one of them meant, and she tried to pronounce the words. I love challenging her with activities, even if they are a bit advanced – you never know what they’ll pick up!

As we are working on early writing concepts, I like to include a tracing sheet – laminated paper works great with dry erase markers! She was able to trace them over and over and wipe them down in between.

Download the FREE *PDF today and join the fun!

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