France Unit Study: Make a Popsicle Stick Eiffel Tower!

Years ago I was watching the TV series Parenthood and one of the characters made a model of the Eiffel Tower from popsicle sticks. When we started our France unit, I knew I wanted to make one myself!

We started with a combination of popsicle sticks, toothpicks, hot glue gun and a small Eiffel tower miniature to give us inspiration. I then assembled my helpers too!

My oldest helped me come up with the base design.

Tada – the base part is done! I should have had it flare out more, but then again my little helpers are 21 months and almost four, hahaha…

I made four pieces total.

I then glued the four pieces together and then large popsicle sticks on the top to make it sturdier.

I then started on the next section.

Again, I made four pieces. I then glued them onto my base.

Tour de Eiffel is taking shape!

I then made the next step.

The tricky part of this whole thing was having the tower be straight – it kinda had a leaning tower of Eiffel going on, haha!

To complete it, I made a tall spier out of three lengths of sticks.

I cut two wider sticks at an angle forming an X to complete the tower. Not too shabby!

My little helpers highly approved!

To add to our fun, I wrapped the tower with twinkle lights from my Christmas decorations and talked about how it sparkles at night, and the tourists gather at the base and watch the lights. My oldest said I needed to take her there STAT, lol. Someday, baby!

3 thoughts on “France Unit Study: Make a Popsicle Stick Eiffel Tower!

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