Mentos & Diet Coca Cola – STEM Science Experiment

As we concluded our study of Iceland, I wanted to include a science experiment, and thought that the traditional Mentos & Diet Coca Cola would be perfect, and a great way to visualize what a geyser looks like. A geyser is a spring characterized by intermittent discharge of water ejected turbulently and accompanied by steam.

Iceland is famous for geysers – one of the most famous is Strokkur, a very reliable fountain geyser located in a geothermal area beside the Hvítá River in Iceland in the southwest part of the country, east of Reykjavík. It is one of Iceland’s most famous geysers, erupting once every 6–10 minutes, and can exceed 100 feet in height.

You’ll need:

  • Liter bottle of diet Coca Cola
  • Handful of Mentos

I chose diet Coca Cola because I read that this causes the biggest reaction. I carefully placed the open bottle in a flat area away from the kiddos. I don’t think that the explosion would hurt the kids, but I didn’t want to take that risk. It may be good to have a second person with you to make sure the kids stay put – I had my sister!

I put a handful of Mentos (4-5) in the open liter of Cola and ran, it worked very fast and well! It shot up very high!

My kiddos were super impressed – wish I had been able to get a photo of their faces! Haha.

My baby didn’t seem phased, but my oldest seemed to jump a little.

We talked about how Iceland has geysers and although we cannot visit one today, this is a small experience to show the wonder of the natural world through the magic of science. 🙂

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