Iceland Unit: Icelandic Króna [Compare/Contrast Coins]

The króna is the currency of Iceland. Iceland is the second smallest country by population, after the Seychelles, to have its own currency and monetary policy. I remember visiting Iceland in 2014, and the exchange rate was crazy for the USD. I bought a pizza and salad for thousands of króna, and was scared how much it would work out to be in USD. Turns out my little pizza and salad was $50! Eeek!

I love comparing money (usually coins) from other countries with United States coins. First we looked at each coin and lined them up by value. We then compared each value piece with an equivalent US coin. Is it bigger/smaller? Heavier/lighter? How does the colors differ? Shape? Thickness? Although my oldest daughter doesn’t know the value of money yet, this activity is great to compare and contrast!

It’s so much fun to play with money from other countries! 🙂

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