Nordic Star String Art – Fine Motor Skills Craft

I always like to pick at least one fine motor skill activity for our country units and the Nordic Star is featured in much of Icelandic design, especially clothing. I remember looking at beautiful sweaters in Reykjavik and seeing the Nordic Star in the patterns.

The Nordic star is inspired by an important element in Estonian folk art which symbolizes protection for souls, homes and against misfortune. It is characterized by a eight-point symmetrical star design, which is different than the five point traditional star or six-point Jewish star.

I have always admired string-art and thought this would make a perfect activity for this unit. I worked out a simple dot pattern for the Nordic star and marked little dots on a small wooden circle cutout. You can purchase these at almost any craft store and I had a few lying around.

I hammer little nails into each hole.

I then spray-painted everything white so that it would contrast nicely with my blue string.

I decided to use blue as it was a nice contrast on the white. I had my daughter twist the string around each nail to form the star pattern.

I still have to remind myself that she’s only three when she wants to start making random other designs, but she humored me and helped create the Nordic star at least once, haha.

How pretty did this turn out? This activity would be appropriate for older kiddos too. Fun way to learn about Nordic art.

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