Montessori-Inspired Leatherback Atlantic Puffin Learning Pack [FREE]

This month we focused on the Atlantic Puffing as part of our Iceland Unit Study. I have been inspired by some of the amazing resources of creative parents and educators on social media and love to create some of these for my kiddos.

My oldest is only three, so I try to keep a lot of my learning activities simple. I like the life cycles because it’s a great visual of how living things change throughout time. I also like to look at different parts and their anatomical names. Lastly, we are starting to learn to write letters and early language activities, so I like to incorporate these as well.

This is all the parts of my completed bundle. You can download it FREE HERE!

These materials were too advanced for my toddler, mostly she wanted to try to tear them up, so I worked with my oldest on these.

My oldest like to spin the spinner and we discussed how the puffin birds hatched from eggs. With our limited screen-time, we had recently watched “puffin rock” on Netflix, so she was able to relate this.

I especially like learning the different parts of animals – this was a fun activity to do together. My daughter can’t read yet, but I read the parts and she would guess. She was also able to look at the “cheat sheet” and recognize the words as well. We talked about what the different words sounded like and used letter recognition of the different letters in each word.

Lastly, we worked on our letters. I had laminated these pieces, and using a dry erase marker she was able to practice.

I like to draw, so I have fun making these printable because I have an opportunity to sketch a bit – forgive my crude representations, lol. Download these today and join the fun – use #travelingthroughlearning on social media so we can see what you did! 🙂

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