Milk Carton Viking Long Boat Ship Craft

I love to make models or replicas, especially out of upcycled things. My poor hubby has to put up with me and my collection of “trash” – you could say I’m a bit of a junk modeler.

For our Iceland Unit, it made sense to also explore the Viking history of this island country. I thought it would be fun to make a longboat out of a couple of milk cartons. I’ll be honest, this activity took several days as a 1 & 3 year old have very very short attention spans, haha.

First you need two milk cartons. I cut off the ends and a side panel to create two halves of a “hull” of a ship.

I then glued these together. I initially used hot glue, but the wax coating didn’t allow the hot glue to stick very well, so I redid it with E-6000, which worked MUCH better.

I punched holes in the side with my mini hole punch and threaded skewer sticks across (we had a few leftover from our Taino Hut activity last month!)

Now came the fun part – we got to paint our ship!

We chose a rich brown. We had to do several layers to cover the milk carton thoroughly, but I won’t bore you with these details, haha.

After the dried from the (third?) coat of paint (we ended up having to use a darker brown because we ran out of the lighter stuff), we added details to our ship. We cut out a dragon head and tail from black construction paper and glued them on the front and back of the ship.

You can download our patterns for the ship HERE.

We then made a sail out of construction paper. I used a white piece and cut up red strips which my oldest glued on.

We made out Viking shields out of bottle caps. I had a collection of various colors, but we chose blue and black. Both girls got involved in this, and I’ll admit my mommy stress level went up as a 20 month old welded a paintbrush full of paint, lol.

The girls loved creating designs on the caps.

How fun are these?

Next we got to put the ship together! We used a long skewer stick to attach the sail, and mini rubberbands to attach gold spoons on the side as “oars” and glued the caps on as shields.

I think it turned our super-cute! It’s actually pretty big too. What a fun way to learn about history!

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