Glowstick Sensory Bath – Aurora Borealis [Northern Lights]

One of my go-to activities when the tiny ones are melting down is a warm bath. I guess it only makes sense as this is also my go-to when I need to recharge and calm down. A few months ago I was thinking of how I would incorporate aurora borealis into my learning activities as part of my Iceland Unit study.

I saw some glow-sticks one evening and thought they would be perfect! Also a bath would be an amazing way to discuss the thermal waters of the blue lagoon and other hot springs in Iceland. Well, our summer has had a really hard time starting this year, and here in June was a freezing day and the kiddos were feeling cooped up and extra whiney, so I busted out this activity.

First I filled our master bath up with warm bubbly water (to help soften the glow of the sticks and make it seem more magical because kids LOVE bubbles). I then opened a package of glowsticks I had purchased at the Dollar Tree a few weeks prior and threw the handful in.

Then add the kiddos! To say this activity was a hit would be a major understatement. Seriously, they LOVED it! It made a cold dreary morning into a magical sensory activity.

We sorted the glowsticks by color. We talked about how the northern lights are a beautiful phenomena. My oldest scolded me saying I needed to take HER to Iceland next time. Yes, baby, next time.

Also PSA, remember to take out the glowsticks when you’re done, I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and was somewhat scared to see glowing in the corner of my master bath… Gave me a good laugh when I realized it was leftover from the day’s activity, haha.

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