Jellyfish Sensory Bottle Activity

As part of our Jamaica unit, I made a sensory bottle with jellyfish inside! I honestly cannot believe how amazing it turned out and my girls enjoyed (and still do!) playing with it. I love how memorizing the jellyfish float and ripple around the bottle – perfect for learning about jellyfish, Jamaica or just a fun sensory or calm down bottle for children young and old. πŸ™‚

First you need a plastic glove – I like this vinyl one because it is sturdier and floats better than a super cheap one. I also like the clear, but you could use a color if you desire – I think the clear gives a more magical final product. Β†

The next step is to cut off the fingers which will become your jellyfish. You want them about 2 inches long – much longer and they don’t float as well.

Next cut little strips into the bottom leaving a cap (main body) at the top. This can be tricky because it’s easy to cut off the “tentacles” – the finer the cuts are, the better the result.

I decided to add some color to my jellyfish via colored sharpies – you don’t want a water based marker because they will come off in the water. Sharpies seem to work the best. I popped the top of my jellyfish over my finger and drew on organs in bright colors.

I used pink, blue, green and grey for my jellyfish.

Next you need a sensory bottle – you can use a large water bottle, but I find that the ribbed sides make it hard to see what you put inside. I found the cylinder shaped bottle at Michael’s Craft Shop. You can also purchase a VOSS water bottle and scrap the label paint off. I like this because it’s lighter than the VOSS and not as likely to break when my toddler throws it.

Fill it almost completely full with HOT water – this is important because the next step requires hot water to mix appropriately.

Put about 2-3 squirts of hair gel into the hot water. Mix it around to dissolve before adding your jellyfish.

Stuff those jellyfish in! Make sure the tentacles aren’t around the rim of the lid otherwise they won’t float far. πŸ˜‰ I find about 3-5 jellyfish max works well for this activity – much more and it’s way too crowded to enjoy.

Replace the cap tightly and invert to watch those jellyfish float around your bottle. How fun is this?!

Below is a YouTube video I made showing how I did this – watch it and subscribe to my channel for more fun activity tutorials for kids! πŸ™‚

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