England Unit: Tudor Rose Cootie Catcher

Kids growing up in the 1980s and 1990s may remember what we called a Cootie Catcher, which was a origami design that fit over the fingers like a 4-fingered glove and one could manipulate it open and shut.

Not sure where the inspiration hit, but thought this would be a perfect foundation to explain how the York and Lancaster Rose Emblem of the England Monarchy during the War of the Roses combined into the Tudor Rose. It took me a bit to sort out the details, manipulate my clipart, but before long I had a lovely *.pdf that worked perfectly!

The War of the Roses was a series of English civil wars for control of the throne of England fount between the House of Lancaster, associated with a red rose, and the House of York, whose emblem was a white rose. The Tudor Monarchy combined both roses for a red/white rose emblem.

First download the FREE *.pdf of this fun activity HERE.

Cut out the square on the solid lines; when you are done it should be a circle.

Fold diagonally along broken lines.

Do this again.

Fold all four corners toward the center.

Fold towards center again.

Turn over and open up all four pockets until it resembles the cootie-catcher shape.

So, when the cootie catcher is closed, it’s the emblem of the Tudor Rose. When it’s open one way,

House of Lancaster!

House of York!

What a fun way to learn the associated emblems of these different monarchies and the history of the English rulers. 🙂

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