England Unit Study: Montessori Practical Life Sewing Activity – Tudor Rose

I remember as a young child, my mother taught me how to sew. Although my oldest is only three, I wanted to start teaching her the basics. I had seen some activities floating around Pinterest of sewing simple shaped projects with felt and thought this would be perfect.

First you need to cut out the pieces of the rose from felt – you can download the free pattern I used HERE.

I cut the biggest piece from red (two one for front and one for back), next of white, the star-shaped piece of green, and the larger circle of red and the smaller of yellow.

I chose a semi-blunt needle so that it would still go through the fabric, but not as likely to poke her little fingers.

The first step was to glue all the pieces together on the top layer. We used a flexible fabric glue to accomplish this.

Although I tried to help, she was very insistent on doing everything herself. My girl! 🙂

We allowed the top piece to dry for a couple hours before continuing on to the next step.

I showed my kiddo how to make a whip stitch as this seemed to be the easiest way to attach the front with the back and not get too nuts as she was learning. She really loved doing the little stitches – not bad for a three year old!

All the sewing tired her out for one day, so we continued the project the next day. After she had finished about 80% sewing around, I had her stuff it with polyfill.

Then it was time to complete the sewing.

It turned out perfectly! She was very proud of her first sewing project!

Nicely done, kiddo!

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