England Unit Study: Hoop & Stick Game [Gross Motor Activity]

We combined our gross motor activity and our indigenous game/toy for our England unit. Hoop rolling, also called hoop trundling, is both a sport and a child’s game in which a large hoop is rolled along the ground, generally by means of an object wielded by the player. The aim of the game is to keep the hoop upright for long periods of time, or to do various tricks.

In England, children are known to have played the game as early as the 15th century. By the late 18th century, this popular game was considered by some to be a nuisance, with some writers dedicating opinion pieces in the newspaper against “The Hoop Nuisance,” in which their iron hoops were blamed for inflicting severe injuries to pedestrians’ shins. The London police attempted to eradicate the practice, confiscating the iron hoops of boys and girls trundling them through the streets and parks. Still the game continued it’s popularity despite the attempts of the police to eradicate it.

For our activity we used a hula hoop from the Dollar Tree. While it may not be authentic, it worked perfect for our activity. I didn’t have an appropriate sized stick, but I used a small piece of PVC pipe I had leftover in my garage. You could use dowel or stick as well.

My kiddo took her activity very seriously. It was such a beautiful day to play outside, so it was nice to catch some fresh air and sunshine as well.

She managed after several tries to get it to roll along the grass without too much trouble before it fell down again.

So much sass, this one!

Off it goes! We talked about how we have so many kinds of toys today, but back in the “olden days” children had less toys to play with. Great gross motor and active play activity!

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