England Unit: Double Decker Bus Craft

One of the most iconic features about London, England is the bright red double-decker buses that shuttle people around the city. When my husband and I visited London in 2012, we spent a lovely afternoon riding these buses and just seeing the city. While the locals may not find it such fun, we enjoyed it as tourists.

Surprisingly, the first double decker bus was invented in Paris, France. The first engine-powered double-decker bus appeared in London in 1923. Around this time there were many buses competing for business, and the London General Omnibus Company—the biggest operator in the city—painted their buses red to stand out from the competition.

The most iconic version of the London double decker bus is the Routemaster, which most modern designs are now modeled after. Designed in 1956, the Routemaster bus operated for more than half a century in the capital. Eventually it was replaced in 2005 by modern double decker buses.

That being said, I thought it was most appropriate to make our own double-decker model of this iconic bus.

We used two milk cartons for my base.

I cut off the peaked top, and used a glue gun to glue them together. Don’t worry, I did the gluing, which I highly recommend for younger kids.

We chose red construction paper for my base and black and white paper for my details.

We covered both ends with the red paper and glued it into place.

We then wrapped red paper around the middle so we had a solid red rectangle.

Next we used a small cap and traced around it to create my wheels. I glued them into place.

The bus is started to take shape! We then added more black rectangles for windows and openings.

We then used white construction paper to add the wording/advertisement panels.

We added detail to the front and back too!

To complete the look, we printed out some British flags and glued them on the top and on the sides. You can download what we used HERE.

Next I had my kiddo find faces in a magazine and we cut them out.

We glued the little faces in the windows of our bus.

How cute is that? Lastly we added some sharpie details in the form of lines and wording. We also added a destination sign with yellow construction paper to the front.

I think our bus turned out perfect. My daughter told me she wants to ride in one. Someday, baby, someday. 🙂

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