Ireland Unit: Fairy Garden Small World Play

No study of Ireland would be complete without a brief intro to the faerie folk of which Ireland is famous. I make a point of explaining to my daughters the difference between real and make-believe, but also encourage them to wallow in their imagination as well.

First I traced around my play tray to create a base for my imaginary home.

The cardboard fit perfectly! I then covered it in green Spanish moss. Seriously starting to look magical!

To make my fairy house, I used a plastic container as my base (LOVE LOVE to upcycle!!)

I cut the top off of it, and glued rocks all over it to create my fairy house.

Next I spread mortar in between the stone for an authentic look.

To make my door, I used popsicle sticks and painted it brown with a slight detail for “hinges”

I glued the door on with hot glue after it dried.

As you can see, I have many little hands helping me. Also note the rocks ended up being quite heavy, so I put some cardboard inside to help stabilize the structure.

Next, I glued a little moss on the house itself.

Now comes the fun part! My little helpers were practically begging to decorate the faerie house! I found some porcelain garden décor pieces at the Dollar Store, so it was a cheap decorating job.

Yes, my youngest mostly wears sleepers – second kid problem, eh?

Love love how beautiful this turned out! My kiddos spent the better part of an hour (surprisingly getting along too!) rearranging the little pieces and decorating their garden. My oldest had a bit of a story-line going good – love seeing her imagination develop!

As you can see, I have two mounds in the back – these are moss covered rocks I had from last month’s Zen Garden – love being able to reuse!

And what will we do with it now? My plan is to use the pieces in a pot we have that is in our garden and enjoy it all summer!

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