St. Patrick’s Day “Pot of Gold” Counting Activity: FREE DOWNLOAD!

I couldn’t resist doing a Saint Patrick’s Day themed activity during our Ireland unit because it also coincided with March 17th – how convenient I did that šŸ˜‰ My oldest daughter is getting pretty good at counting, and can count to 40-50 before we starts rattling off numbers like 40-10, etc. However, I want her to visualize the quantity instead of just memorize numeral sequences.

I used both tally marks and dots for the quantities, and a “Pot of Gold” for the number cue. You can download my FREE printable HERE.

I think they turned out pretty cute – don’t you?

I allowed my kiddo to pick a “pot” and made her match the number with both the dots and the tally-marks. I also have gold scatter beads and made her count out the corresponding “lumps of gold” as well – she absolutely loved this activity!

After a few times playing with this, she started to visually recognize the number of dots or tally marks instead of having to count each one as she did in the beginning.

What a fun way to learn numbers!

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