Skittles Rainbow Melt: STEM Science Experiment

As part of our study of Ireland, we talked about rainbows as they are part of the mythical history of Leprechauns and are also frequently found in Ireland. When I visited Ireland in 2015, it pretty much rained at least a few minutes every day.

My oldest (3.5 years) is very much into simple science experiments and I felt that this was perfect to do her.

We first lined up skittles around the plate.

We made sure that there was approximately the same amount of each color of skittles.

Now for the fun part – we poured just enough water to fill the bottom of the plate, but not so much it covered the skittles.

It actually worked pretty quickly. In just a few minutes the colors were streaking and forming a rainbow.

My kiddo was very patient and didn’t bump or move the dish as the colors formed together.

Tada! This experiment was a complete win for my daughter – she thought it was magic! 🙂


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