Japan Unit: Water Painting with Soy Sauce Fish Bottles

I love to use my creative side and so does my oldest, who really enjoys activities that she can be creative. I found these adorable little soy sauce fish bottles at a oriental store, and thought they would be perfect for my Japan unit!

I filled them with food coloring and water in three different colors. I then use paper towels and drew with a sharpie some Japanese symbols.

I *think* (based on my consulting the Google, haha) I drew symbols for Moon, Destiny & Peace. If these symbols mean something significantly different, I’d love to know! 🙂

I let my kiddo squeeze the little containers over the paper and allow the colors to soak in. The results were amazing!

I also really liked this activity, because it requires the little ones to unscrew the bottles, and strengthens their hands as they color their picture.

The colors were most vivid as soon as they were created, but even after drying were still very pretty.

OT: My little one’s band-aids are the result of a boo-boo she received on the hinge of the piano bench. Poor baby.

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