Taco ‘Bout You Valentines

As my daughter gets older, she likes to be more involved with different activities, and especially likes to help make things. We decided to make some valentines for a few select friends at church, and got this inspiration from a article in Parenting magazine. With a few minor tweaks, we made this craft our own.

To make the shell of our valentines, we used orange paper, plastic needlework mesh, brown paint and a paintbrush.

My kiddo painted the mesh with the paint, and then we stamped our orange paper to give it a fun criss/cross design, similar to taco shells.

We kept doing this for all our pieces of paper.

We allowed the paper to dry overnight.

Next we use a cereal bowl to make circles, then cut them out.

I had some leftover green shredded paper from Easter last year, which worked perfectly for “lettuce” – we used craft glue to hold it in place.

Next we glued red sparkle hearts I bought at the dollar store to be our “tomatoes” – I alternated the large and small sizes.

Lastly I stapled the taco shut and added a corny little message to the front.

Taco ’bout cute…


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