Jump Like a Kangaroo: Gross Motor Activity

When most people think of Australia, they think of Kangaroos which roam a wide range of habitats. As part of our study of Australia, I thought it would be fun to try to mimic how the Kangaroo jumps. Did you know a Kangaroo can jump up to 30 feet?

To see if we could jump like a Kangaroo, we measured out 30 feet. It’s hard to do this in a small house, so we used the kitchen through the living room. I printed off a starting paper which you can download HERE.

My toddler wanted to be a part of this, so she tried to jump too. Mostly she just flapped her arms and did a little dance. My oldest could jump about a foot. I jumped about 2-3ish, depending on if I could get a good footing on the slick wood floor.

It should come as no shock that we cannot jump like a Kangaroo.

But wouldn’t it be cool if we could? My oldest told me if she could jump like a Kangaroo she’d never go to bed again.

Sounds terrifying, haha.

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