Australian Unit: Australian Currency

My oldest daughter loves to play with money. She likes to line them up by size, shape, color and “value” – playing with currencies from other countries has been a favorite activity.

The Australian pound was introduced in 1910, and was replaced by the Australian dollar in 1966. Coin value included denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents. One-dollar coins were introduced in 1984, followed by two-dollar coins in 1988 to replace the banknotes of that value, while the one- and two-cent coins were discontinued in 1991 and withdrawn from circulation.

When my husband and I visited Australia, we had collected some coins that we were able use for this activity. I also bought a lot of coins on eBay for a few dollars to complete our set.

We lined up the coins by value first, then at the request of my daughter, we arranged them by size, shape, color, etc.

When compared to the United States coins, we saw that the US Silver Dollar and Dime were the largest/smallest.

So much fun to explore currencies from other countries!

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