Australia Unit: Aboriginal Art

My preschooler loves activities that have a creative/artistic component. As part of our study of Australia, we have been studying not only the modern country, but the aboriginal history as well. I was really drawn to the beautiful artistic expressions of the aboriginal people, and decided to make our own version.

I thought my daughter’s handprint would make a lovely bold focal center, and decided to use Q-tips to create the signature dots.

I love upcycling and had a bunch of bottle-caps in my collection of odds and ends, and hot-glued a few together on a plastic lid to create my art-well. How cool is that!?

After tracing my daughter’s hand, she was determined to cut it our herself. Actually, she’s pretty good with scissors, and did a decent job for a 3-year-old!

We used tape to secure the handprint to the paper. I used black because the colors would contrast nicely, but any darker paper would probably work well.

My kiddo really wanted to use the Q-tips as a paint brush, but I convinced her to dot the paint in concentric circles. It’s hard to try to “organize” a preschooler’s artistic expression, but I think she did pretty good!

Of course I did one too – I thought this process turned out very cool!

Did you know that there is no written language for Australian aboriginal people, so in order to convey their important cultural stories through the generations it is portrayed by symbols/icons through their artwork. How interesting!

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