Australian Animal Track Salt Tracing: Fine Motor Activity

If you’ve been following my blog, I did an activity last month of tracing Hebrew numbers in salt as part of my Israel Unit. My 3 year old had so much fun doing it, I decided to do an activity with salt tracing again.

Australia has so many fun unique animals, and I thought tracing these tracks in salt would be fun. I used a wooden box that some Melissa and Doug lacing boards came in. They are perfect to hold up my cards and hold salt for tracing. I used a small stick I found during a walk one day as my “tracing tool”

Download the FREE track cards HERE

My kiddo seemed to do best with the Kangaroo & Crocodile tracks, as the Koala and Tasmanian Devil are a little more technical.

This activity is also great for helping with writing instrument placement/holding.

The only major downside to this activity was that little hands are moist, and stick to the salt and we got a bit of salt all over. However it wasn’t near as bad as many of the activities I have done to date.

We discussed how these animal tracks are what is left after an animal steps on the ground. We made hand prints in the salt as well (feet were too hard) and talked about how our prints matched our hands.

All in all this activity was a hit. 🙂 Download your prints today and join the fun at #travelingthroughlearning on IG or tag me in a blog post – we’ll feature our favorites at the end of the month! 🙂

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